August 26 - 28 Striped Bass Event | September 1 - 5, 2022 Bluefin Tuna Event

Striper Rules

Tournament Entry 

Entry fee for Striped Bass is $250.00, and covers all crew members. All tournament entries are non-transferable and non-refundable. If your vessel is unable to compete in the event after submitting payment, your entry will be rolled over to the following year for full credit. Payment of the entry fee constitutes a representation by each entrant that he/she has read and fully understands the tournament rules that he/she will abide by such rules and the decisions of the Event Director and/or Committee. Please read the rules and regulations very carefully. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Robbie Carter 337-849-8642


Captains’ Meeting

The Captains’ Meeting will be held at 5:30pm at the observation deck by weigh-in. Rules are subject to change. Any changes to the rules and final instructions will be given at the meeting.



All teams must adhere to state and federal permitting depending on each category. Anglers must obtain a State of Massachusetts fishing license. Link Here.


Tournament Start

Striped Bass teams can be fishing at 5am each day. Teams must take a photo of the GPS timestamp and message it to the tournament director Joe Gugino 860-402-5903. It is encouraged for teams to post their departure on Facebook or Instagram and tag @BostonBSC via post. ie: BostonBSC Fishing team out! @BostonBSC.


Fishing Hours

There will be 2 fishing days Saturday & Sunday. All boats must have the ability to fish without any outside help. There will be no transfer of fish from one boat to another. The boat that caught the fish must bring the fish to weigh-in station. Teams must be at Buoy Marker 8 located at N 42°18.806′ W 71°01.560′ (by Kennedy Library) by 5:00 pm on fishing days.



Teams may compete in all of Cape Cod Bay, within 3 miles from shore, Cape Cod Canal to Thatcher’s Island.


Additional Details 

  • Fish must be caught on traditional rod & reel.
  • Only circle hooks can be used.
  • No Striper under 30″ can be measured and submitted for competition. 


Tournament Awards

Tournament awards for Striped Bass are based on 50 registered tournament boats. Tournament awards for Striped Bass awards will be presented to the teams with the 3 largest fish.



Optional Cash Awards

This is a separate entry and is not required to compete for Tournament Awards. Participants may pay an Optional Entry fee in one or more of the following:



***Payout amounts will be the total amount of the monies received, less 10% deducted for administration fees with the remaining 90% to be awarded.

Day 1, Day 2 and Overall will pay 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with a 50%, 30%, 20% split. In the event of limited participation in any category listed above, the payouts will be modified as follows: One team entered will be refunded in full, 2-5 teams will be winner-take-all, 6-9 teams will be 60/40 split and 10 or more teams will be the standard 50/30/20 split. Participants who wish to pay an Optional Betting Fee may submit a credit card, cashier’s or business check made payable to the Boston Bluefin & Striper Classic.

Optional Awards are determined by length. In the event that no qualifying fish are weighed by an Optional Entry participant in a given Division eligible for an

Optional Award 90% of the Optional Entry Fees collected for that division are returned to the participant(s) who paid Optional Entry Fees for that division.

Day 1

  • Entry cost for the category is $100, $250, and $500.
  • Winner is determined by the largest fish caught on Day 1

Day 2

  • Entry cost for the category is $100, $250, and $500.
  • Winner is determined by the largest fish caught on Day 2


  • Entry cost for the category is $100, $250, and $500.
  • Winner is determined by the largest fish caught overall
  • Entry cost for the category is $250
  • Fishing hours are 5pm-5am 
  • Does not count towards categories running 5am-5pm
  • Winner is determined by the largest fish caught overnight
  • Entry cost for the category is $100
  • Fishing hours are Saturday 5am – Sunday 5pm
  • Winner is determined by the largest fish caught overall
Payment for Cash Awards

Prior to fishing, each tournament boat must designate a representative payee to receive payment of all cash awards.  Payment of cash awards is by check. A single check will be written to the boat’s representative payee for the combined total of tournament cash awards and optional cash awards.Checks will be written after the Awards Ceremony on Monday. Boston Bluefin & Striper Classic accepts no responsibility for the division of any cash awards between team members.


Catch & Release Scoring and Video Verification 

Video submitted for consideration for scoring must include the following technical elements:

  • Angler fighting fish, including video of rod and reel
  • Tournament designator
  • Entire measurement of fish being submitted for scoring, using the official tournament bump board.
  • After the measurement view, a clear video of GPS date & time to be used for official release time. Hold camera steady for several seconds to allow clear focus of GPS Date & Time (This is critical.) GPS must display in EST. Show designator alongside GPS if possible. Verification Videos become the property of the tournament. Verification videos and scorecards must be turned in to the video judges at the designated judging location near the weigh station by 6pm on all tournament days. Polygraph Test may be administered at thee discretion of the Tournament Director and/or Committee.


Striped Bass Scorecards

All striped bass caught and released must be logged on the striped bass scorecards in the sequence in which they were caught; scorecards must be signed by the boat captain indicating they agree to the information as recorded. The scorecard must include boat name, angler’s name, species, date and time of the release. Detailed instructions ar printed on the striped bass scorecards which is included in the team packet handed out at registration.


Submission For Video Recordings

Verification video recordings must be submitted not later than the closing of the scales on final day of fishing.  Recordings should be submitted immediately upon return to the marina. All recorded images and sounds become the property of the tournament and may be used by the tournament for display purposes during weigh in and future marketing campaigns.  Images will be copied from digital hard drive cameras onto tapes, CD’s and/or DVD’s, etc.

Video Tips and Recommendations

  • Use fresh, new SD cards
  • SD type Sony and GoPro, etc. cameras which generate consumer type files allowing the judges to quickly copy the recording to a computer which facilitates slow motion and segment by segment scoring
  • Files with .MXF filename extension cannot be opened or viewed by the judges.
  • Judges will accept more than one video of the same release from a different camera (of the same type), provided the same previous video requirements are met.
  • Ensure video is adequately long to allow identification.
  • Limit recordings to only video release recordings from this tournament with the segments staged, cued and ready for scoring. Before entering the scoring room, know where images are located on the recording. Have the SD card ready to be inserted into scoring computer.
  • It is critical the person sent to scoring clearly understands how to provide the video digital media to the scoring judge. One person per team allowed in video scoring.
  • Understand how to properly display the GPS date and time on your boat GPS prior to the tournament. This is critical for a tie-breaker.
  • Cellphones are acceptable for digital video submission, or for date and time of release but you must use newer phone with high resolution and the ability to upload footage to Dropbox.

Weather: Tournament Delay or Cancellation

In the event the tournament committee feels in their best judgement fishing is unsafe due to severe weather, high seas, or any cause beyond the control of the Boston Bluefin & Striper Classic, the tournament may be delayed or cancelled.  If delayed, a new start time or date will be announced should weather conditions improve. If cancelled, entry fees will be rolled over to the following year in their entirety. If one day is fished, the tournament goes on.

Entrants shall have no claim against the Boston Bluefin & Striper Classic for return of paid entry fees. All teams and participants should make their decision to fish based solely on their own judgement.  Fish at your own risk.


Tie Breakers 

Team placement is determined by the first team to reach the highest total length as verified by the boats GPS time.


Any protests relating to the tournament must be submitted in writing along with a $500 deposit by the team captain to the tournament committee no later than 15 minutes after the last fish is weighed on the final day of the tournament. All entrants agree to abide by tournament rules and regulations.

All disputes are decided by the Tournament Director and Committee. Their decision is final. Poor sportsmanship will be grounds for disqualification from the Boston Bluefin & Striper Classic. Any violation of these rules resulting in disqualification will result in forfeiture of entry fee and prize money.


Waiver / Disclaimer 

It is understood that all participants in the Boston Bluefin & Striper Classic enter at their own risk, and that the officers, committee members, sponsors, directors, tournament venue and all persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of said tournament, shall be exempt from any liability for libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any participant, entrant, anglers, his/her companions, boat captains, mates, crew members, vessels and equipment which may occur during or in conjunction with the tournament.  By tournament entry, the captain consents that the Boston Bluefin & Striper Classic may use without payment or restriction, any photographs in which he/she or any of their crew may appear for any purpose whatsoever; including, but not limited to resale, advertising, commercial or promotional material. The captain and his crew further release the Boston Bluefin & Striper Classic, officers and directors, and all persons from injury, loss or damage which may result. All state record winners must submit to and pass in a conclusive manner, a polygraph examination administered by a licensed polygraphist provided by tournament officials.  All entrants agree to submit to a polygraph examination at the request of the tournament committee if there is a conflict involving said entrant. Failure to submit to such an examination will result in disqualification of the entrant at the sole discretion of the tournament committee.